New are channels not coming in on the guide...just says "loading"

Hi Everyone

I have a tablo and have subscribed to the guide for over a year now and the area just added 4-5 new channels I’d like to get.

I added them to my list of channels, and the signal strength is good enough to get them, but when I open my tablo web interface and roku app those channels just say “loading”. It’s been like this for a day and I have updated my guide as well as rebooted my tablo.

I found out about these channels from a work buddy who has a tablo but doesn’t pay for the monthly subscription and his comes in fine. I have a WAY stronger antenna set-up than he does as well.

Just need some help on what I need to do to get these channels to load, I know it’s something to do with the guide.

Any ideas?

Thanks again

Do you have anything else you can try on, such as Android phone? If so, try it and see if it works there.

@Dennis1973 - Do you mean you see loading in the grid or when you try to tune to the station? It could be that the data for those channels is not associated with your zip code.

Pop our support team a note and they can look into it for you:

Yeah that’s it, nothing is loading in the grid. I think that’s what it is, they haven’t been added.

Thanks and I will give the support team a message and maybe they can add it

@Dennis1973 - They can definitely get that process going for you. Just make sure to include your zip code and the details on the channels that are missing for you.