New Apple TV 4K Locating Previously Set Up Networked Quads

I recently purchased this Apple TV 4K.

How do I get the new Apple TV unit to locate two networked quads, that were previously set up?
Both DVRs have previously been located by 3 Roku Streaming Sticks.

This link appears to only deal with Apple TV locating a brand new Tablo unit.

Is there a clear, step by step way, to get the new Apple TV 4K to locate both networked quads?

This may be an obvious question, but you have already followed this step right?
To add the Tablo app to your Apple TV go to:


The link you posted is for setting up a new Tablo using an Apple TV 4K and not for setting up your Apple TV 4K.

The first thing to verify is that your Tablo and your new Apple TV 4K must be on the same network. If they are on the same network, your Apple TV 4K should be able to find your Tablo once you start the Tablo app.

Success, Apple TV now sees both Tablos, and I’ve successfully connected to one of them.

Took a bit of thinking about your solution, until I realised I had to search for the Tablo app by way of the Apple TV unit.

Thank for your help.

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