NEW - App Updates for iPhone, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV & Web

Since we’re a bit delayed on the firmware front, we thought we’d release the apps (which are ready) for those of you enjoying Tablo on your iPhone or Android devices (including Amazon Fire TV & Android TV) or via Chrome/Safari browsers. This means you can now take advantage of most of the new features we’ve been working on.

Keep reading for the full rundown.

Tablo on iPhone has added:
Bulk delete
Additional sort options for recordings

Tablo on Android (including Amazon Fire TV & Android TV) has added:
Support for FFW previews & closed captioning
Bulk delete
Additional sort options for recordings

Tablo on the web via Chrome/Safari:
Support for FFW previews
Bulk delete
Additional sort options for recordings
Resume playback

More great features including support for larger hard drives and updates for Roku will be coming soon with the launch of the 2.2.2 firmware. Stay tuned for more details on this!


Any idea when the new iOS app will be available? I still see Version 1.0 dated Nov 20, 2014 in the Apple app store.

I was wondering the same thing

You should see a new version on iPhone but not tablets. That has not yet received the update.

Not yet on 3 Iphones

May take a bit to filter through!

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The new iOS Tablo Web App just showed up as an update here. I will be loading it on my iOS 8.4 phones and on my development phone (iOS 9 beta 5).

I did a quick test of the iOS iPhone app. I was using an iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.4 and the other test phone was a iPhone 4s running a developer copy of iOS 9 (beta 5). Both worked very well on playback and live TV. I also tested both phones with an external connection (one at a time) with no problems on either connection. I tried an external connection using AT&T and then switched to a connection going through a neighbor’s WIFI and both were solid.
The new app appeared to be very responsive on both phones and with both operating systems. I will continue to use them both over the weekend and let you know if I have any problems.
Good Job Tablo. Now I am waiting for the iPad version (you should really think about going Universal) and the new Tablo firmware. Have a good weekend.

The Apple Gatekeeper :slight_smile:

Thank you! I installed the update on my FireTVs and it is working. I am so happy to have closed caption. It was the only feature I was hurting for.

BTW - for anyone as clueless as I am, it took me a while to figure out how to turn CC on. I kept trying to use the menu/settings button because that is how I do it for other apps, but it turns out you have to press and HOLD (hold being very important) the center SELECT button, and then you will get the option to turn it on.

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My Fire TV’s still all show the April 6th version as the latest.

I had the Beta, which seems to have done a Mission Impossible “self-destruct”…and the only version I can download from Amazon is the old April 6 version as well.

Not sure what’s up with that if the beta has been promoted to general release, then the Amazon version should be updated for everyone.
Although the date on the Tablo app in the Amazon Fire TV app store says April 6 - when I added it to my Fire TV, it installed the latest release from yesterday - and is working well.

Gotta go to the apps area on the most left hand vertical scroll menu . Then track over to the Tablo app. Under the icon it will give you the option to update.

I ended up having to uninstall the old one and then install it again. Maybe if I had waited the automatic update would have happened, but I wanted it immediately when I got home. After testing it, I took a nap.

The new FireTv app is much better now. The live TV buffering is gone (except right at the beginning, which is ok).

Thumbnails work great as well.

The only thing I can’t do is set up closed captions. I have hit the menu button and held the middle button down, but the closed caption menu never comes up.

I just updated the Tablo app on my iPhone 5, and now I can’t scroll through my recordings without accidentally selecting something. If I’m on the recordings page and swipe up (to scroll down), it registers that as a tap and goes to a show screen.

If I scroll through that show’s recordings, the same thing happens: it selects an episode as though I were tapping instead of scrolling. This appears to only be a problem with recordings, not the schedule or live TV screens.

At one point, I also couldn’t X out of a show screen (I had to go to the top left menu, select something else, then go back to Recordings). Also strange, after a while it stopped changing the episode list, so I kept seeing Agents of Shield episodes no matter what show I clicked on! After quitting and relaunching the app, these problems were solved, but the scroll/tap problem remained.

@snowcat - Press and hold the select/enter button during playback, and a pop-up will appear that you need to hit the select button again to check-mark. Then use the back/return/exit button to clear the pop-up. CC will then appear. On Android devices, there is a CC on screen button you just press - a bit easier and more intuitive.

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Ok, Fire TV app seems better but really annoying that every tme you press skip ahead or back it pauses TV until you hit play again!

That’s the same behavior that has been on the Roku Preview Tablo channel.