New Android App not letting me in

So the new app won’t let me in. I finally sent a reset password. It never arrived. And it’s NOT in the spam folder.

I’ve about had it with tablo

Hi there -

Sorry, you’re running into trouble getting signed in.

When you say the new Android app, do you mean the one with dark blue branding designed to work with the 4th gen Tablo devices?

If so, have you completed setup of your new 4th gen Tablo?

If you’re attempting to access the app to connect to a legacy Tablo device OR have not yet registered/set up your 4th gen Tablo the password reset function will not work.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn’t download the right app. I don’t have the new tablo and didn’t see the distinction between the two apps on the play store.

Downloaded the legacy app and it’s working now.