Networking question for new setup


Before I purchase a Tablo DUAL 128GB OTA DVR I wanted to see if my planned setup will work, in theory. My antenna gets great reception on the top floor of my home, best I have ever had. I have 2 CAT 6 ethernet port in the wall along with power and a TV in the bedroom there.

I have a Orbi mesh setup with base/router in the basement where all the house network ports terminate into either a 10gb switch or the Orbi base. I have a Orbi Satellite on first floor which Wifi connects my Vizio V series via Wifi.

I have scoured various boards, FAQ’s etc. and think this will work but haven’t found a confirmed example, most talk about direct connect to router.

My plan:

Put the Tablo in closet direct connect to antenna.
Plug Tablo ethernet into wall which is connected to Orbi base in basement.
Use Tablo Roku app via hardwired ROKU from basement switch to the Roku via HDMI into bedroom dumb TV upstairs, works today so why change it.
Use Tablo Roku app on Roku stick to my first floor Vizio V series smart TV wifi’d to Orbi satellite on first floor. (My bad, bought TV recently without thinking about OTA upgrade and looking at app support, nice TV crappy app support)

My concern:

Network connect of Tablo via ethernet port upstairs vs. direct connect into Orbi base/router. This is a pass through network connection via typical ethernet wiring so I don’t believe I need a cross over cable and in theory this “should” work?

My goal = WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) with one remote to “watch TV with a guide” via Roku remote on any TV. We mostly stream Netlix, VUDU, HULU etc. but need the basics via OTA.

Thank you,

If the ethernet wiring was terminated properly on the jacks, you should use a standard ethernet cable.

Some closets get hot and humid in the summer. Flash devices run hotter the HDD.

My dual 64 is a hot little device. Much hotter then my OG duals. And hopefully you are talking about the super cheap Roku stick.

Thanks Zippy, climate controlled closets and in CO, very little humidity but plenty of heat…Yes, the cheap Roku stick, once the Tablo networking is successful.

That’s what I figured, confirmed they are terminated per spec. So can you confirm this will allow Tablo to stream the OTA from Antenna via Tablo unit to router and over the network to multiple supported end points/TV?

I have two Tablo DVRs (4-tuner & quad), and they are connected to the router via ethernet. They both stream live TV and recorded TV to 7 different TVs, plus tablets, phones, computers and gaming devices, both on ethernet & wifi. No issues, as long as you have good wifi connections with the devices.

Thanks for the confirmation Ron. Will give it a whirl, had issues with others.

crossover cables are no longer needed a thing of the past.
most now auto switch if you have link lights your good,
if using gigE use cat 5E cables or better
connect the tablo to switch after the router.