Networking conundrum

First my set up.
Tablo Quad connected via ethernet to switch. Also connected to switch is Apple TV,Mac Mini, and laptop. Switch connects to powerline adapter which goes into router at the other end. Router has powerline, and Mac Pro connected.
On the Mac Mini(connected to the switch) I have been noticing the Tablo freezing ,or playing and losing sound. Initially I thought it was the network but last night I ran a test. First I opened terminal and pinged the Tablo from the mini as I was watching the live feed. Ping continued happily as the Tablo froze. Then I went to the Mac Pro and played a live stream from the Tablo as well as a video from the Mac Mini where they played for an hour or so no issue. I launched Tablo App on iPad and watched the same live feed, no problem. Then on ios via cellular. Again no problem. Finally I launched Tablo on Mac Mini( via Chrome on Big Sur OS) as well as running a video file from the Mac Pro. The hour long video ran no probs but the Tablo feed froze after 15 minutes. I pressed pause, waited a few minutes and it continued for a while before freezing again.
The Apple TV has been erratic since the App upgrade. Sometimes program jumps to beginning of feed, sometimes to the end, sometimes screen goes black , ball spins and programming comes back.
Speed test (on Mac Mini)shows consistent download speed of 50 down,20 up but the ping has been as high as 120 ms and as low as ten on Mini.Ping on Apple TV is between 10 and 40. My wife, who works all day (and with a lot of video conferencing) on the PC has reported no issues.

Given I can play 1080p video from different computers across the network simultaneously, my guess is the network is fine. I think the problem is with the Mini,but given the Mini plays other streaming media(Youtube,Vimeo etc) I do not know what to do to correct the situation. Your thoughts?tablo|690x388

I have the same problem with my Tablo loose my connection then have to go in and reset up my connecntion it might last for 10 - 15 minutes then the same thing again. Doesn’t do it on all tv’s.
I am about read to buy a different type of DVR Recorder and get rid of the Tablo if this continues.

I’m not convinced it is the Tablo that is the issue given it only happens on the Mac Mini. The Apple TV app, however, sucks.

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