Network Drive Support - Any Change since 2014?


I originally was considering Tablo years ago - but the lack of NFS/CIFS (Network Drive) support was a deal breaker for me. Our family already has a FreeNAS server with 10 TB of space all fed via Gigabit Ethernet so there shouldn’t be a network constraint. This setup has been working flawlessly for Plex for years.

My question is - has anything changed since 2014 with regards to Tablo network drive support? If not, is this on the roadmap for deployment in the near future or are there no plans to implement this?


No to NAS support for the current OG Tablo.

As for the future of Tablo, this is where it is headed with their Droid and Cloud DVR, both which do not suggest NAS support.

What would be the upside to using the NAS for Tablo’s storage, other than the elimination of a (small) drive connected directly? Plex won’t be able to use the files that Tablo writes to the NAS, so you’re going to need to use a script to app to convert them. And the API to do that conversion is network based anyway, so no gain if the Tablo and Plex versions are both on the same NAS.

There are a number of users on this forum that import all their content to Plex. I only import the shows I want to archive, or that I want to transfer to mobile devices for off-line viewing.

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No plans at the moment. We like to never say never, but given that we already spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting WiFi network issues, and even issues with Ethernet switches, we’re not too excited to add NAS troubleshooting to that list.