Network Connectivity

First I really enjoy the Tablo 4 channel recorder. The real issue is how it works wirelessly or with ethernet. I see lots of comments about connectivity issues and then people respond talking about cheap routers or other things. Really the problem lies in the Tablo box. Whether it is poor drivers or cheap electronics the problem is in the box. I have many things running in my house and they all work great. Only the Tablo requires rebooting and sometimes rebooting the router or even a power reset. It is the only box that loses connectivity. If that worked flawlessly then more people would have fewer issues. I would really like to see the tech or software programmer or whoever work out this major issue. Once you learn the short comings of this box then you can work around them for the time being but, a user should not have to. Poorly implemented DHCP is not a reason to turn it off. Thank you.

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I would like to see the Tablo support Wireless AC. They could have supported the draft but instead they made the choice to ignore it “because it won’t be needed”. At LEAST Roku has seen the Wireless AC IS needed. Our phones support it. Of course to take full advantage of the wireless AC, you need to upgrade your router. I don’t think those upgrade options for an existing router will work. The router that I ordered has 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. Higher is better. THAT should improve the playback of 1080 wireless, EXCEPT the Tablo will need to be wired. I wish the Tablo had Gigabit RJ45 connection instead of just 100.

Hey @Yoko3021 - You should not need to reboot your Tablo. Touch base with our support team and they can give you a hand figuring out why yours does this: