Network Config question

So general networking question. I have a DSL router / modem with wireless (2.4g only), and a TP Link AC1750 with both 2.4 and 5g. Am I right to think my best configuration option is to hardwire the Tablo to the TP Link, since I’m using a Nexus Player on the 5g wireless network, or would it matter if I just connect the Tablo directly to the DSL router / modem, since it’s wired to the TP Link?

In other words would there be a significant performance difference between A and B?

A - DSL —wired to TP Link, and Tablo —wired to TP Link, Nexus player wireless on 5g band

B - Tablo —wired to DSL router —wired to TP Link, Nexus player wireless on 5g band

If your DSL connection is similar to my cable modem, I only have a single connect, so my cable modem is connected to the router. I could most likely improve it by wiring the Tablo and Rokus instead of having everything wireless.

So I would say option A.