Need Help - Voluntary Tester Please

This is very specific, so if anyone could try this, please let me know.

Using CHROME via Windows:  do a manual, one time, scheduled recording.  Select April 27th.  Tell me if your "WHEN" box populates that date after selecting it.  I'm getting this when I select April 27th:  "mm/dd/yyyy".  It won't let me select it.  Another user stated he was having the same problem, however, was able to perform it successfully via the iPhone app.. and not Chrome via windows... (I don't have iPhone or Android to test that).

@jaytimeark - It does the exact same thing for me. 

Let me send this over to our web guru and he’ll take a look at why this is happening.

Glad it's not just me.  I've had this problem since I got the Tablo (2 days ago).  Manual Schedule Recordings via web browser on PC is main reason I got Tablo.  Please let me know what's going on when you hear something.  Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome! Our guy is speedy so I should have more info for you tomorrow.

It definitely is doing some strange things.  If you advance the month or the year, there are no problems.  If you decrease either, it goes to mm/dd/yyyy.   If I just increase the days, it cycles between 16, 17, and 18.   If I go to another month, the days will only go between 9 and 22 (and it depends on whether you try to go up or down.  If you select a date like April 27th, it does like @jaytimeark says.

The iPad does work, but it uses rotating dials to select the dates.

That’s exactly what mine does.  I just got Tablo and was just about to send it back because I thought I had a faulty unit.  I’ve sent in tickets and tried to explain this on several threads via the forum.  Thanks for testing it on your end via the specific steps.

@jaytimeark - Issue is fixed and will be pushed to production later today. :slight_smile:  Tx for catching that.

The fix is live now! 

It appears that the fix caused a FULL re-sync, is that expected?

@Jestep - Yes, when we push a new version of the web app a resynch is required.

Ok, thanks

Ok, I tested it, and it is almost perfect.

The only bug right now is when a month has less than 31 days.  If the month has 31 days, you can advance the days past 31, and it resets to 1.  If you go backwards past 1, it starts over at 31.  Perfect.

But if the month has fewer days (like June) and you go past 30, it resets the whole calendar to today’s date.  It does the same thing going backwards past 1.

It’s not a huge bug since most people will likely use the calendar widget rather than arrow keys on the dates themselves, but it wouldn’t hurt to tell the developer about it.  

@snowcat - Good catch! We’ve tweaked this and it’ll go out in the next rev. We’ve got another small feature in the works so we’ll deploy that at the same time. 

The fix that was pushed out today looks to be working great.  Thanks for the prompt help on this Tablo Support.  And thanks to snowcat for the thorough testing and informing of more bugs. 

You’re welcome! :) 

Happy Friday!

And for good measure:

It would seem that this should be an automated reply to snowcats’ posts. 

I’m waiting for snowcat to be wrong but I suspect I’ll be dead and buried before that happens.   :wink:
I won’t place any bets on that happening - I’d lose all of my paychecks. 

That’s not a dig by the way, that’s a “I’m impressed” thing and precious little impresses me these days. 
But some folks are just plain good and detailed - great attention to details. 

I LOVE that picture - bet I’ve said that before…

Thanks guys.  :)

My big weakness here is anything to do with Plex or storing videos externally.  There are some very good members here that have dedicated themselves to implementing and supporting those features.  Those guys really impress me.

I just do my best to remember what has been posted over this past year, and also to test various problems like the one in this thread.  I am sure I am not always right, but I am just glad to help support this cool product.