Need help getting Tablo's recordings off of hard drive please

Hi Tablo Community,
We have a 4 Tuner Tablo that we were having problems with. So tech support sent us out a replacement unit. We followed the transferring recordings from the old Tablo to the new one instructions and couldn’t access the recordings on the new Tablo. We were told this might happen. Can we still take the recordings off the hard drive? Also, the Tablo Ripper is not recognizing any of the new recordings on the new Tablo. Does anyone know why this is happening? Would really appreciate any help on this as we’re getting very frustrated. Thank you all in advance!

Tablo has an internal database, separate from the external drive. Programs like TabloRipper don’t access the external drive directly, they rely on the Tablo to retrieve recordings. A new Tablo has an empty internal database. Thus, although your recordings are still on the external drive, they’re invisible thru the API.

If you search this forum you’ll find several threads on retrieving recordings directly from the external drive. But it’s not easy.

Thank you for the information. Now we’re having trouble with the Tablo Ripper not recognizing the recordings off of the new Tablo. We can access them on the TV but not with the ripper. Sorry but I’m so new to this and not computer literate. I appreciate your help!

I’ll send you a PM and we’ll get it figured out.