Need ETA on Delete All....or alternate approach :(

My drive is full, which is causing the tablo to perform inconsistently and not have all its features (images etc).   However, I really can’t spend the next 5 hours clicking on each episode, “delete”, waiting the two minutes for it to confirm, and then moving on the next.

Anyone have any creative way solution to this?

Also - please Tablo Support - I thought this was supposed to be in the Q1 release for some reason - ETA please?

@lmm1845 - We did add delete to Roku but not bulk delete. That’s on our to-do list. It’s enabled in the back end but we need to add it in the UIs.

You don’t have to wait for the confirmations. The delete will process in the background. 

Ok - that is good to know, but I deleted some stuff about 15 minutes ago and still shows as not deleted… so when you have hundreds and hundreds to delete, this makes it really really hard to keep track of what is and is not done and you end of doing the same episodes multiple times.

I get it, I’m in software, but that delete all - really its hard to really have a production ready product of this nature without it! :slight_smile:

I brought up the Tablo on my computer browser, and it took me 1 minute 30 seconds to delete 26 episodes of a season of Family guy.  It took only 1 to 2 seconds to confirm each delete.

BTW, I would take that feature on ANY ui - laptop, ipad, or roku, since it is something that I do “periodically” and try and do all at once.   Doesn’t have to be on all of them, just some way on any of them to get it done.

We hear ya… It’s definitely one of the biggest priorities we have. 

snowcat - was your drive already full?  I understand yours might not be slow, but you can’t necessarily parallel your experience to others directly unless all the variables are the same.   My harddrive  is FULL.    I think that slows the whole tablo down.  

For the record those shows I deleted?  STILL not showing as deleted.      Still showing connecting above the thumbnails like it is trying to refresh.

I really think the autodelete should have a setting to force it to not get over X % full.  I would set mine at 50%.  I went from a 1 TB to a 2TB drive but that doesn’t really solve the problem because it just keeps…getting…full.   

See my other thread… I seem to be stuck in “connecting” hell again.

My drive was about 70% full.  Were you deleting on your web browser?   It is extremely quick to delete on it.

Like Snowcat said, deleting on a PC is 10 x faster than deleting from the Roku or Amazon Fire.  I don’t think “Delete all” is a big deal because after I watch a show, I delete it.  Do people really watch shows and keep them until their hard drives fill up?  

I was having problems, and set the option for the Tablo to delete when necessary.  If there is a movie or shows I want to keep, I move them off after they are recorded.  I sure would like support for larger hard drives to be there by November so I can buy a big drive on Black Friday. Or being able to use two drives.  @TabloTV Will the Tablo support a USB hub?

crm1975: the issue for me is caused by wanting to record the nightly news on two networks plus the local news.  Since there is no way to limit how many episodes are recorded, they fill up fast without daily attention.  The ability to limit how many of a given show is recorded would save a lot of the heartache of having to manually delete.  But “delete all” is kind of over kill too.  The ideal would be the combo of selectable maximum plus a listing with check boxes to check the ones to delete and then delete all of them at once.  Does “stay tuned!” sound familiar?

option to keep only so many recordings has been requested in the past.  Hopefully it will be here soon, but I do not think it is in the priority

I haven’t got there yet, but I’m still curious.  What’s the issue with a full hard drive?  Won’t the Tablo just auto-delete the oldest file to make room for the newest recording?  That seems to be how other DVR’s work.  The various DVR’s I’ve had over the years all eventually had full hard drives.  They worked fine, despite that.

@TabloTV Will the Tablo support a USB hub?

You’d want to connect two drives to a hub? Just want to confirm the configuration you want to attempt and I’ll ask the hardware team.

When two drives are supported. I want to put a USB hub on one for the fan.

Aha - 10-4. This may cause too much power to be sucked from the Tablo but I’ll ask. Stay tuned.

There are external powered USB hubs no?

Co you d use a cellphone charger that plugs in as nd had USB out.

@BeastmanMax power from an individual USB is 1 Amp. If more current is pulled that
USB port will shut off.


@TabloTV, isn’t it 900mA for USB 3 and just 500mA for USB 2 (??)