Need Assistance - Can't Watch Any Channels

I can’t seem to get my Tablo Quad to play any channels. I am getting an error message stating that the signal is too weak. However, when I connect my antenna directly to my television, it works perfectly, and all of the channels play without issue. I am also able to connect my antenna to a very inexpensive iView 3300STB ATSC Converter Box and it works perfectly.

This is getting a bit frustrating and I could use some assistance. I did send an email to support but still haven’t heard back from anyone. Have any of you had this issue? If so, what is the fix?


Tablo has an internal 4 way splitter. Do the channels show up when you scan or does it say no channels found?

It says no channels found. I have tried it using various antennas with the same result. Thanks.

Perhaps an amplifier will help

An amplifier might work, but why would it work on two other devices without needing one? It seems to me there is an issue with the Tablo Quad hardware, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s a simple setting issue. Either way, I need to get it working or I will need to return it.

The reason for this is that your TV does not split the antenna signal. The signal goes straight to the TV’s tuner. It’s also possible that the TV has a more sensitive tuner than those in the Quad.

The Quad, since it has 4 tuners, splits the antenna signal 4 ways. Doing this split means that each tuner gets only 1/4 of the signal that your TV gets. To compensate for this signal reduction, the Quad has internal amplifiers that increases the signal to each tuner to be closer to what your TV gets with the antenna connected directly to it.

It’s possible that the Quad has a defective antenna input connector. It’s been known to happen.

You don’t say how far away you are from the TV transmitters. If you are close and receiving a strong signal, it’s possible to overload the Quad’s tuners. If that were the case, you would need an attenuator instead of an amplifier.

Hopefully Tablo support will get back to you soon.
Let us know what happens.