Neat pvr url on tablo

Here’s something if you like to peak under the covers of the Tablo…


You can plop that url into a browser on your network and begin poking around at the data stored on the Hard Drive attached to the Tablo.

If you enter one of the media id directories listed and under that there’s a pl directory. Copy the url for the m3u8 file and you can open it in vlc and stream directly from the Tablo. It is a pity that the Tablo doesn’t offer a better way to identify what the shows are on the drive beyond looking at the meta.txt file.



Thanks, this is very nice. I am not a vlc person, but I noticed that it has a lot of file capture abilities. Do you know if the playlist file can be captured and saved as a file on the computer??

There are ways to do this and some innovative community participants have made apps to do just that. Search the forum for Tablo Ripper or Tablo Exporter and you can have a slick way to download your shows from Tablo.

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The playlist contains locations that are relative so saving it locally without editing to match the full url would be useless.

playlist.m3u8 looks like: