NBC Nightly News - PLEX

I record the NBC Nightly News every night. It is then downloaded with tablo ripper, then MCEBuddy removes commercials and sends it to my PLEX TV folder. However, PLEX does not see the file. Is this possibly due to the naming structure? It plays fine from the PC but PLEX will not see it.

Any suggestions?


I guess it’s possible, although I haven’t seen that particular issue. Tablo Ripper has a ‘use plex naming’ checkbox in the Configuration tab. You could easily try that just to rule it out.

Do you have a Plex library set up to watch the folder containing your ripped files?

I’ve tried it with PLEX naming ON and OFF. No difference.


What happens when you rescan that library in Plex?

Nothing. As if it just ignores the NBC Nightly News folder.