Nbc news program name

“NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” should only be Monday - Friday… Saturday and Sunday should just be “NBC Nightly News” as Lester Holt doesn’t do it then (he needs some days off) and other people do it, but they rotate. Looking at TitanTV.com I see they also have it wrong. Idon’t know if the problem is with KXAN or NBC but someone is giving Gracenote the wrong program name. Most likely held over from when Lester Holt DID do the weekend and Brian Williams did the weekday news. They retitled it but not the weekend.

I recall this being an issue in the past - news no longer getting recorded. Discovered it was “renamed” to include Lester’s name. (maybe you’ve encountered it)

I’m sure you’re aware of this. News is generally consistent with it’s scheduled time, consider setting a manual recording and be done with it. Yes, I realized you shouldn’t have to.

I only wanted weekday but should do weekends too. Might change keep 3 to 4 or 5.

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