Nbc news description

I noticed if I look under scheduled, the description starts with “Lester Holt”, and if I look under Shows for NBC News, the description also starts with “Lester Holt”, BUT if I look after it has recorded, the description starts with “Brian Williams”. I have tried unscheduling the NBC Nightly News and scheduling it again. ALL of the recordings of NBC Nightly News are deleted. Is this because at the beginning of the season, Brian Williams was the anchor? The guide simply says “NBC Evening News” and not “NBC Evening News with Brian Williams” or “NBC Evening News with Lester Holt”, so somewhere something is making the recorded version say Brian Williams, but the schedule shows the description correct. There is already a ticket open with this problem. I just discovered the guide and shows were showing it correct yesterday and wanted to pass on the additional information. How can I make the descriptions show up on the webpage? I tried using Firefox and it didn’t, so I have downloaded Chrome and will try after it does the synch. I’m going to try some screen captures if the descriptions show up.

I just emailed screen captures made using Chrome browser to show what I am describing. Guess you will see it tomorrow. I’m off tomorrow and might give you a call.

Under shows, it also shows Lester.