NBC New York (4-1) Guide Data Incorrect

It looks like it is showing the schedule for QVC (35-1). Anyone else in the NYC area see this? Tablo can you comment/suggest correction?

The actual broadcast feed is correct just the guide data is wrong and only for NBC. I have updated schedule a number of times and rescanned adding every found station. Some station’s guide data is missing but not worried about those.

I have the four tuner model and a 2TB Seagate Convio Connect.

@JerseyJayhawk If you’ve just setup your Tablo, keep in mind that it can take up to an hour for your guide data to populate. The first time your Tablo syncs its guide, it’s downloading 14 entire days worth of guide data.

You can expect it to fill in the gaps as the time goes by - but it certainly shouldn’t display incorrect guide data. Can you send me a ticket directly at Support@tablotv.com referencing this post? I’ll need your zip code as well.

Hopefully sending you a ticket meant an email. If so, it is sent. Thanks!