NBA Reporting Incorrect data

When looking at the NBA games in the web app, under the sports heading. It is not showing any NBA games. It is showing the Padres vs Dodgers baseball game.

I am located in the Philadelphia area, zip code is 08012. So the NBA icon should not be showing or the NBA icon is correct. But once you click into it, it shows a baseball game, not an NBA game.

See screenshot.

Hrm… Apparently our guide provider thinks that baseketball is a real sport…

I’m seeing this on my Tablo as well. Sending this along to the engineering team.

Thanks! It’s really all about the Bundesliga and Premier League on my house…

No problem…

Hopefully they don’t turn that into soccer-baseball although TBH, that is an underrated ‘sport’.

At least your detailed description has sports teams. Mine has nothing. Not even TBD.

But Padres vs Dodgers would probably be a better match up then most NBA games.

At least they play hard the entire game, NBA, tune in to the last 6-7 minutes and that is the game.

Now it is reporting the Red Sox/Indians game.

At least yours changed. I still have the invisible teams playing in 4 days 1 hour.

I worry more about the schedule recording getting unscheduled when it’s fixed.

While I don’t watch a lot of golf the exception would be a major with Tiger in it especially after a recent win.

So when I checked the Sports tab for PGA Tour I found:

  1. On Roku and Tablo Preview app (Fire TV Stick), no description for May 18th/19th. No Detail information. But May 25th appears to be correct.

  2. For the original tablo app on fire tv stick it says the May 18th 3rd round of the PGA tour is Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors.

While I’m really looking forward to Brad Marchand’s sumo wrestling debut…

We have tracked down an issue with sports airings originating with our TV guide provider. We’ve asked them to fix this ASAP.

In the meantime, you should be fine to keep your sports schedules and ignore the weird crossover info in the details screens.

Hi folks -

Quick update…

Our guide data provider tracked down the source of the error. Everything should be fixed up now.

If you’re still seeing weird sporting mis-matches, go to SETTINGS > GUIDE > UPDATE NOW

Thanks @Canons900 for flagging this!

Since I already know of the problem and can ignore it, I thought I would try your update suggestion.

Updated 5 minutes ago and on Roku the PGA May 18th/19th are still blank.