Navigation Logic

In the new app, it would be nice to be able to choose a show, then hit ok again to go to the episodes list. Before the update, I was finding myself hitting ok a few times before remembering that I needed to hit down to get to the episode list. Now with this most recent update, the ok button is to delete the show. This just doesn’t seem very logical to me. Navigation should consider the easiest and quickest way for a user to get to the most frequently desired endpoint. If this one thing was changed, we would be able to hit ok several times to play or resume the earliest episode in a series (this is almost how the old roku app worked - I believe it landed on the last recorded when loading the episodes though, so you’d have to scroll to play the earliest episode).

Other than that, I’m liking the progress on the app! I am still hoping that the recorded shows can appear in order recorded upon loading like the old app, though. I often still use the old app for that feature alone.

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^ 110% agree with the Delete being counterintuitive for the first OK click after selecting a show.

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I did just try the new delete feature, and I like that you have the option there to delete all or just watched episodes. That’s really cool. But navigating to delete an episode after watching it is also not very logical, requiring use of side, up and ok to delete an episode. The old app only used down and ok - an easy sequence to repeat.

It also seems that the new delete features could instead be integrated with regular delete (where the options to cancel, delete episode, delete all watched episodes or delete all would be available after hitting delete for any episode - ideally scrolling would move in that order as well).

Second the proposal to delete the Delete option on the very first screen after selecting a recording to watch.

I also agree on this. Navigating first to Delete … is definitely not desirable (and a little dangerous; but at least it asks for confirmation).

  • If it is going to be kept separate from the “other” delete, then it would be nice if it had a “Delete Multi” or some other unique name.

Hi folks - Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass this along to the dev team.

Totally! Love the preview app, but should not have to click past delete to watch every show.