My whole house DVR is a Tablo and it works

It amazes me that with all the variables out there my Tablo works. I have some location issues that you have helped me with and ideas about how to make improvements in the future. The bottom line is even my wife is happy.

I wanted a whole house OTA DVR and that is what I got. It is a OTA DVR that works wirelessly with every TV in the house and offers Me options. New software releases can create problems but that also happened when I was on cable. Still, I looked at my choices and made my decision. I appreciate Tablo support workiing to resolve issues. Maybe they could do better but they cover a lot of territory.

Mostly my Tablo just sits there and works. Sometimes I play with it and sometimes Tablo support plays with it but it the end, we call those improvements. If we did not want options, we’d all own TiVos.

Upgrading my Rokus paid off for me and I have heard good things about the Amazon Stick. There are a lot of options out there and sometimes improvement is up to us. This reminds me of the early days of the PC. Changes were made until the PC became an appliance for most people.

I think Tablo made a good decision when they came out with the Tablo Dual. I hope they bring out a Tablo Quad. This new Tablo offers standardization without abandoning options. TV is going to change a lot on next few years but I am comfortable with where my TV is now.