My two tunner port tablo keeps losing connection

I use the tablo ap through fire tv. I have a two tuner port tablo connected via Ethernet. I have a signal booster to insure good tv feed and I keep losing connection from live tv and recordings. Tablo has latest update I have read the forums and can’t find a solution. Please help

It’s possible that the Tablo or perhaps your streaming device is switching back and forth between the WiFi booster and your main router.

When it does this it will need to pause and reconnect.

This is why we usually recommend a single powerful router versus using WiFi extenders.

If you’re having trouble getting WiFi into a certain location in your home, an Ethernet Over Powerline adapter might be better.

My tablo is connected via Ethernet with a cable straight from my router. The signal booster is for the tv signal so it doesn’t drop out

My firetv is direct wired via Ethernet as well

Ah - so you have an amplifier for the antenna?

When was the last time you did a new channel scan? If you haven’t done one lately and saved any changes it’s possible that some channels have changed frequencies which can cause errors to occur:

I did a channel scan last weekend and then was watching live tv through the firetv on the tablo app and it lost signal.

I read somewhere that if you used an Ethernet cable you needed to change something in the settings but I couldn’t find instructions how to do this

Did you save the results of that new scan? If not, there may be changes that happened that weren’t applied

If so, drop a note to support. They can take a closer look and see what might be happening:

Not sure what that would be…

I did. Thanks for trying. I appreciate it