My take on Tablo's mobile app redesign

As a big Tablo’s fan and a UX designer, I decided to exercise my skills prototyping a new user experience for the iOS app.

Please take a look at and let me know your thoughts.



@d3mac123 @TabloTV

You have certainly spent a lot of time on this. VERY Nice.

Tablo team take look !



Unless the example was covered by every possible freeware license ( MIT, GNU, Apache, blah, blah) would there be any liability if any concepts were lifted from the effort?

zippy, from my side, there is no license applicable - as stated in the posting, this is just a designer take.

Although copyright is applicable, in the case Tablo is willing to use my design (in total or partially), I will glady release it to them free of cost.

Just saying, you would have to sign you life away… and even so, most closed source companies won’t even approach this.

Sometimes it’s better to not be so “explicit” in a design concept/prototype, if you want to see it implemented.

Just a word of warning to any other “nice” folks out there.

What should you have done? Get the company to give you a short term contract (perhaps just mere hours), then develop the prototype, and then there’s now doubt it will belong to them. Otherwise it’s very messy.

cjcox, thanks for the feedback. However, let me clarify a few things.

I have been in the design business for decades (having worked in big companies like Microsoft and IBM, just to name a few) and I know private companies will not use any external design proposals without some kind of agreement.

I don’t have any intentions to get this proposal done (or paid) by Tablo. Like the posting says, it is just a design study - something that designers commonly do to create/improve/start a portfolio, without any other goals.

In sum, I politely disagree when you say “nice” folks should get contracts to propose new features. Innovation may come from different sources and, “fan service” is something we see a lot in the tech/software industry.

More than “freeware/license/contract” discussion, I would love to hear about some of the suggestions I brought.

Any particular features you all would like to see sooner at Tablo’s app? My top one would be the Scheduled section showing what will be recorded in the next hours/days.


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Certainly you can continue in your current direction, designing things that could never (now) be put into the UI. I was just suggesting a better approach (so that the ideas might get implemented).

My point is that when you say “I know private companies will not use any external design proposals without some kind of agreement.” As a seasoned professional then you absolutely understand how difficult this is to do “after the fact”.

A professional cyclist likes to bike for leisure too :slight_smile:

I don’t know in which industry you are but, user experience (UX) is different than interface (UI). More than the visual of the prototype, the focus was on clarifying my suggestions about the experience.

There is nothing in there proprietary (feature wise) that could hold Tablo’s to improve their app. So, I am afraid you are wrong when you say “designing things that could never be put into the UI”. By the way, do you know Tesla’s Model 3 cockpit has several takes from a fan concept shared originally on Reddit?

Dozens of Apple fans keep creating design proposals for their products. Some of the features show up in future products, others not. These designs never stopped (or even maybe difficult to) Apple (or any other vendors) to bring them alive if they were good.

Honestly, I really don’t understand why we are having this conversation. Instead of sharing our likes/dislikes about Tablo’s app and/or my take, we are talking about contracts and what people do with their time…


I was a senior systems analysis in R&D for a Forture 500 software company for over 42 years. I’ve not only dealt many of the other large software companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, DELL, etc., in all the various joint development types but also M&A.

Legal might flip out with this. They use to have a stroke when every piece didn’t have the proper and up to date copyright as well as patent pending information before any external company had any kind of access to the technology.

I understand your point. Just trying to keep good stuff, and it is very good stuff btw, from being wasted.

(hard to believe somebody intentionally “designed” the Tesla 3 cockpit… just saying…)

I promise this is my last reply on this chat :slight_smile:

ideas are not copyrighted SO, any suggestion can be transformed on a product without any legal issue. Legal should be involved only if Tablo decided to use the exact colors, icons, etc - they are protected.

Regarding to Tesla, feel free to

:rofl: made my day!

Very nice work you did. Your ideas would be a vast improvement.


This is very slick and looks like something that would improve the Tablo experience. I’m liking this, all legalities aside!

Great job, maybe this will catch someone’s attention…

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