webapp not functional on multiple browsers

IE 11 just does the initial Syncing… for.freaking.ever. I’ve let it run for 3 hours now with no end in sight. Firefox loads but much of the info is missing.


Has data:
Prime Time
TV Shows

Never finishes loading:
Live TV

Settings loads but the active channels list is now blank.

Tablo recommends the Chrome Browser… give it a try.


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Disconnecting (and dumping browser info) within webapp on firefox and reconnecting helped load some more of the info. Live TV loads but listings are blank, scheduled recordings loads but is missing channel info.

I’ve forced it to do an update of the guide. Will report if that has further helped once it completes.

@TabloTV - a fresh download of the guide is still painfully slow… can it be fixed?

Firefox is rather universal and google chrome doesn’t work well on Linux.

I’ve never had any luck with Firefox although it’s my primary browser and I prefer it so believe me when I say I’ve tried. Chrome is the recommended browser and I do all my Tablo stuff on it. IE? Had to look to see if I even had that on my Windows 7 machine - yep, still there. I was able to get sync to complete as expected and my channel list came up on Live TV but the listings never populated. Back into the basement IE! Chrome is the way to go and plays fine with (at least) Tablo’s implementation of Linux.

Try and see if it works.

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After disconnecting the tablo from the webapp and updating the guide about the only thing that doesn’t work in firefox is Live TV listings. Which is good enough since I primarily use it to find shows and schedule recordings.

@TabloTV - really should open up browser compatibility/support to firefox.

The webapp won’t even connect to the tablo in firefox.

I agree!

That’s correct. In my best Phil Hartman: “Chrome good. Firefox bad!”

As a follow up… also would not load in chrome. It just kept sitting on Syncing.