My tablo resets to live menu randomly

while watching live tv it randomly stops and displays live menu. click ok and it goes back to program I was watching. random time frames. middle of show, doesn’t matter. new user.
ok I said I was a new user. anyway I’m using the TABLO app under ROKU on a dumb TV. in the TABLO app there is a live option that gives list of stations. I choose a TABLO station and the above happens. NEW Gen 4 Tablo and New ROKU express 4k+ Connected through eithernet

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There’s all kinds of way to watch the various tablos - network’d, HDMI or Gen4… so it could be virtually anything. Including user error, though it’s the least likely. :wink:

It will help if you mention how you watch live tv. On a roku device or firetv etc…

Then you will get help from someone who can answer.

ok I’ve added additional info to post. thanks

I’m thinking by Tablo station, you mean a streaming channel. If so, I experienced the same yesterday, also on a Roku. It spontaneously reverted to the grid guide. When I tried to select the program again, it appeared to attempt to bring the program up, but just go back to the guide over and over.

I was able to tune it to any other streaming channel, but not the one I was watching.

yes tablo streaming channel. mine would return to guide, but I was able to just select it again and it would play for a random amount of time and return to guide again. repeat. Tablo Support was not helpful.