My tablo melted


my tablo melted
blue light keeps blinking


Post pictures. I would like to see what a melted tablo looks like.



This is extremely unusual.

Given Tablo’s very low voltage, it would take a significant amount of time in an unventilated location for the Tablo to get hot enough for it to melt. In fact, in our own testing, we’ve only managed to reproduce this by enclosing the Tablo in a very small space and artificially raising the temperature - effectively creating an oven to house the Tablo device.

That’s why it’s important for the Tablo to be placed in a ventilated area so that it can disperse heat properly using the heat sink.

We’ve touched base directly with the original poster to confirm details about his setup and the operating environment of the Tablo and will be inspecting the unit in question to understand why this happened.

And, for anyone else who has concerns, let me reiterate that Tablo DVRs are constructed from fire retardant materials and even when operating well outside of normal parameters, does not pose any danger.


I have mine on top of AC Infinity MULTIFAN S3, Quiet 120mm USB Fan and in open space, fan is on the lowest setting does a good job keeping the tablo cool.


I put an old cpu heatsink under mine. Does the trick.


That is a heck of a product. It melts but the LEDs keep on working - must be like Arnold in the Terminator movie.

Maybe it’s not really dead but all it needs is a new power supply.