My Tablo made a mistake tonight

I have a 2 tuner Tablo.

Normally, if somebody is watching Live TV, and there are two shows that need to record, thus occupying both tuners, the person watching Live TV is kicked out.

But tonight that didn’t happen.

My wife was watching a Blue Bloods marathon on Live TV. One of the shows scheduled to record was American Idol.

We realized what time it was (about half way through Idol) and I said, “No problem” it’s set to record. However there was also another show set to record during that time as well.

Again, normally, the person watching Live TV gets kicked out. But that didn’t happen. So even though the schedule said it was going to record Idol, and there was even an orange icon in the corner of the guide for Idol, it did not record at all… we ended up watching the 2nd half of the show via Live TV, orange icon present and all… but I knew that no recording would be made.

Family was little bit more than upset over the bug. All scheduled recordings had been scheduled many many many days ago. It just ignored bouncing out the Live TV user.

If anyone at Tablo wants to troubleshoot this… have at it… but I’d like for everyone else to be warned that the scenario I just described, where all tuners are needed for recording, doesn’t work reliably all the time.

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I would try and reach out to support, but it is a holiday weekend (I see their office is closed Tomorrow). There are logs on the Tablo to help them understand what transpired, but they apparently only stick around about 5 days.

I hope you have Hulu! I keep my subscription as insurance against Tablo errors.

We opted to drop Hulu and just keep Amazon Prime and Netflix. At the time Hulu was “junk”.

I wasn’t ever a huge fan of Hulu until they started offering commercial free playback. Now it’s a pleasure to watch shows the next day if I miss it on Tablo the first time around.


I also prefer to watch shows on Hulu that I have recorded on TiVo or Tablo, just because of the lack of commercials…as you say, it’s a pleasure to watch them this way. TiVo Skip Mode is second best in that regard.

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I had a similar issue last week where for the first time in 9 months, scheduled recordings failed to record. I can’t remember if we were watching live tv at the time but all the series recordings that have been set up for months and always recorded fine, just didn’t. I opened a ticket but by the time they got to it, my logs had been overwritten for that time so they were unable to peek in. No problems since and the same series recordings that were missed last week, worked fine this week. No power outages (at least not this week - you folks here in the Pacific NW know what I’m talking about), nothing out of the ordinary last week at all. FWIW, I also have the 2-tuner model.

A solution is either split the antenna and have one direct to TV for watching live or get a separate antenna for the TV. I have the 4 tuner so don’t have the problem, but I watch live TV via TV for faster tuning.

Technically, it’s a “workaround” and not a solution. Another “solution” would be to un-cut the cable (for example). :slight_smile:

@cjcox We agree - you shouldn’t have to do that! The logs for your Tablo detailing this may still be present, so we’d like to take a look. I PM’d you details for a remote access session so that we can check this out.

Turned out to be a loose cable to the hard drive (figures). I think the problems is resolved.


My Tablo which is a 2 channel device, has a problem recording the wrong show quite often, I see that a couple other people have had that issue.
Has a fix been found for this?, or other hardware issue that may be the issue, I checked the USB cable but not sure what that would have to do with the wrong programing being recorded with the correct name of what I want recorded.

B Mills

@Bret_Mills It sounds like the guide data could be incorrect. Can you send your Tablo’s MAC address (printed on the bottom of the unit) to our support team? We’ll take a look. Make sure to include the Recording in question and the channel it was recorded on.

I would submit a new thread on your issue since mine was merely a loose cable and was resolved.