My soul is for sale

For Sale:
One soul. It is old and used but in fairly good condition. I am selling it as I no longer need it because I have reattached the cord that I cut back when I tried Tablo. I am asking $36,000 for my soul as I will need this much money to pay my cable TV bills for the remainder of my days on this earth. I can only hope that there are some decent entertainment options in hell. Thank you.


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You know today is April 9th right? Lol

April fools jokes should be good for the whole month. One day is not enough!!!

The joke is still good ;}   (Hell must simply be 8 days behind).

The deal is off! I heard the entertainment in hell is a showing of The English Patient over and over and over for eternity!


@FreeAtLast, you must really want to sell (having posted your notice to multiple forums here!).  Most people here try to read all posts… you need not multi-post.

I know … I stopped after two, then created this discussion thread.

Actually it was 3 …