My latest recordings dissppeared

Good morning, I do appreciate any help. I get from you all. thank you.
Here’s the problem, I have the white 4 channel and I was just looking at my library and deleting all the shows that I’ve already watched. Then I went back to the library for latest. And suddenly all the shows I hadn’t watched that were recorded thursday and friday are just gone ANDit says failed, but they were there just a moment before!!
What happened; did I do something and can I get them back? thank you
OhPS Sometimes it just says failed!

What was the process/steps you used to delete your shows?

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First, Thank you very much for responding. I went to library and found all the shows that I’d already watched and deleted them one by one leaving the ones that I had not watched for example, everything thursday night that I recorded last sunday and also friday night.
Then, when I went back to The library they were gone!
I Hope I was clear with this response.

Good morning, just wondering if my reply gave you any clues? It’s really terrible…THANK YOU!

I apologize for the delay. You had answered my question and I really didn’t have much to offer afterward. I was asking because I had wondered if you had gone in and selected the “Delete Watched” option through Manage Episodes". I remember doing this in the past and had lost everything in that series. Despite nothing coming to mind then, there are a few things that might be worth looking into.

First would be to see what you have set that series to keep. We can get to the same answer in two different ways. Just in case you don’t have anything currently recorded for this show, it might be best to go into your Scheduled tab and look at “Series Recording Options” (called “Recording Options” if you are in the series recordings instead). What do you have set for the “Keep” option? Have you limited this number in any way? Is it set to Auto? All Episodes?

The next thing to look at is the Tablo settings itself. Going to settings (the gear icon) and moving down to “Storage” and then “Storage Options” … what have you selected for “Auto-Delete Recordings”?

This last setting is supposed to delete your oldest recordings if your space is running low, but I have had issues with it in the past. For example, I’d have 200GB left and I’d wake up to 3-4 episodes missing in a series, although they weren’t the oldest recordings on the machine itself!

Lastly, are you using an external storage device of any kind? Getting a FAILED recording could be a mix of things – weak antenna or wifi signal, issue with a hard drive, and some FAST stations will cause this no matter what you do.

I would be curious as to what your settings looked like and if there was an odd combination that might be causing your issue.

I never did find an answer to what was going on with my local CW. No matter what I tried, it would limit me to 2 episodes of that show – which isn’t even an option on the Tablo! I stopped recording it and ended up watching it from their app.

AFIK, there is no way to get your recordings back, but maybe with a few changes to your settings we can fix it so that they don’t delete themselves. I should state that the “Series Recording Options” would need to be set for each individual show as everything scheduled will default to “Keep: Auto.”