My ISP jacked up the monthly bill to over $73/month

My ISP took a big jump in price to over $73/month for 50 Mbps service with a data cap of 350 GB. After speaking with them for a “few” minutes, my speed is now doubled to 100 Mbps and my data cap is 700 GB. Oh yeah, the price was reduced to $59.99 for 2 years. After 2 years, they’ll try to jack up the price again, and it’ll be time for another conversation. My 5 year old Surfboard modem was able to handle to increase in speed with no problem.

The speed increase mostly doesn’t make a big difference for me, but increasing the data cap is nice. With moderate streaming from Netflix, Hulu, etc., plus all the other web browsing, downloads, etc., I don’t think I even consumed half of my 350 GB limit, tho I monitor usage closely. Going to 700 GB gives me LOTS of breathing room which I’ll probably never use.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the same situation with your ISP, it’s worth a call to see what they can do for you.

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Who is your provider??? I heard Comcast dropped their caps

No data cap in California yet.

Yea, I am in CA… But Comcast dropped theirs… Also heard Verizon dropped theirs. And TWC has not had any here…

Surprised AT&T still has theirs

Oh, wait, dropped <> lowered right?
I thought you meant lowered.

No they got rid of it all together, no cap

TWC tried to do the same with me. They increased speeds and increased bill. I called and said lower the speed back down. 25/5 for $30/mo is plenty for me. (speed tests show around 50/5, so I don’t know if they doubled their speed again, but my bill is still $30+taxes)

The speed change might not take affect until your modem is rebooted.

I still have a cap on Comcast in Nashville. It is 300 GB, and I have hit at least 500 GB in my first two months. I have one more month before I need to just pay for the unlimited service or switch.

I’m with COX. Previously, I had their “Preferred” service, but now have “Premiere.” I suspect most ISPs have data caps, whether published or not. Cox is good about letting you know the caps for every tier of service, and provides a data usage meter so you can track your usage on a daily basis. I probably average about 5-6 GB daily, sometimes less and sometimes double that.

The alternative is to go with the local Telco and get their DSL service. Don’t know for sure if I can get the 100 Mbps service in my area (~ $50/month) but I can get maybe 25-40 Mbps for ~ $30/month with a 2 year price lock.

Comcast has a “suspended” cap in Minnesota. I think it’s 250GB but not enforced at this time.

:frowning: that sucks

Where did you hear this? Source?

It might have just been CA… I saw it about a month ago, sorry I don’t have the source.

Comcast in Chicago has “Suspended” their 250 gb data cap too… Although its been suspended now for a few years. It probably just gives them the ability to bring it back if they want to. Hopefully not, we are now well over that now on a regular basis.

I get 30 down for roughly $70 a month including Taxes in chicago land. I think the OP had a good deal for 50 down.

I get 50 down 8 up for $30/month. I’m a big fan of CenturyLink.

I get 50 down, 4 up for $25 a month from CenturyLink. The price rises after a year to $35 a month (for another year), after that, who knows?

Compared to Comcast, I am a huge fan of CenturyLink . . .

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I have the same deal, but my uploads are usually a little faster than advertised. I have been at the same price now for 3 years through yearly negotiation.

This is a quality point that you bring up: Being a good consumer, you have to annually negotiate the price of your internet connection with your provider.

I used to negotiate with Comcast for cable/internet every six or twelve months because they just kept increasing my cost (every few months). No explanation, they just unilaterally increased my bill. In February of 2015 I made the “negotiation” call to Comcast, they told me to pound sand. I told them to pound sand by canceling Comcast, hooking up CenturyLink (for internet only) and becoming a committed cable cutter. I couldn’t be happier with the way things have worked out; between Tablo, Sling and Amazon Prime, I get more entertainment than I have time to watch. My cost per month: $53. I was paying Comcast as much as $190 a month (usually $160 after negotiation).