My first impressions of nexus player

My Nexus Player arrived today. After doing all thr system updates to get to Android 6, aka Marshmellow, I installed Tablo and PlutoTV. Both apps are much better on the Nexus. I’ll start recommending Tablo and Nexus to people now. The Nexus Player provides a much better viewing experience. The Live Channels don’t seem to work right for PlutoTV but using the PlutoTV app alone, it is excellent. It’s still missing channels available on the Windows app, mainly The Adams Famiy channel, bur=t some others too. Most likely do to licensing issues.
And of course Tablo Connect works with it, so it can travel.
Search in eBAY for Newegg Nexus Player or Adorama Nexus Player. There may be others, but those are two I’ve used in the past. Nexus Player = Best Streaming!