My First Experience with Tech Support

Outstanding!  I was a little worried that email only tech support would be less than stellar but I was very pleased with my experience.  It was about 4:40 when I sent my request, less than an hour left for support hours…I expected to be pushed off until the next day as would be common with many companies. I received a prompt reply, and we had several back and fourths before the end of the day and I was able to get everything working.  So thank you David from tech support!

They are very active on these forums as well.

@drliebs - We have a phone number as well but it’s always best to email first so support can investigate your issue before getting back to you. 

Glad to hear that you were happy with our support though. David is pretty awesome 

Same here.  I received a response to my query 14 minutes after sending it.  David was helpful and thoughtful.

Oh, shucks… You’re going to make me blush.