My Directory is suddenly missing links

I went to make a change to my channel lineup selections and noticed I am missing links. For one the Settings option is no longer available. Any idea how I get everything back? These are the only choices I see at this time:

Live TV


@jfuqua1 - What device are you using? Not all options are available on every platform, like Roku.

I am using the Roku4. This is the same device I used during the initial install and all those options were available during the set up.

I have had Tablo over a year, used almost exclusively over Roku (3 & 4). Access to both the released & the Beta versions of the Tablo & Roku Channel software.

Never has Roku had a Settings link. Sorry.

ok, so are we saying that once you set up your initial channel choices you have no way to go back and change selections? That makes no sense at all.

You have to do it from your android device such as your android phone. You can not do it from the Roku. I go to settings on my phone then rescan for channels.


Or IOS device or PC or Mac computer…