My antenna just went nuts

More of an OTA question than a tablo question, but I normally get 6 channels from my antenna. Good HD channels so I’m OK with that. However suddenly at this moment I have 21! I live in Kitchener, Ontario so pretty far from the US border, but I’m getting like 10 US channels! What the flip is going on? What could make these channels just magically appear?

It’s probably tropospheric ducting. Google it if you’d like, but it basically has something to do with the weather and can make ota signals travel as far as 1k miles. If that’s what it is then it’s likely those channels will be gone in the next day or so. If that’s not it then congrats on the new channels!

That’s some crazy stuff! I would be surprised if they lasted since I didn’t change anything to make them appear. Thanks for giving that insight into the cause!