My 4'th Tablo is now messing up! I'm done too!

Well, after 3 other defective Tablo 4s (see my other posts for their horror stories) this ‘4th’ one is now giving me increasing problems.:rage:

It will disconnected and report “Tablo not found” and I have to reset it to get it recognized again, by unplugging it’s power, as the reset button does not work at all anymore.

And it has started to do something else new too.
Sometimes (and becoming more frequent) when I use the pause, after I unpause the show’s audio will continue on fine, but the video will run for a few seconds, then pause for a second or two, then run again but be out of sync with the audio, then it pause again… all on it’s own … and it just keeps doing that until I pause it again for a semi-lengthy period to get it all back in sync without the stuttering “auto-pause” thing going on.

I’ve had to fall back on my $29 ‘delivered’ from Amazon Homeworx Mediasonic HW180STB too many times lately, and consequently have become addicted to it’s way, way … WAAAAAAY better HDMI picture, and unlike the Tablo … it just keeps on working perfectly, with no symptoms of the dreaded … “Tabloitis”.

This ‘4th’ … as in 3 others of these POS crapped out on me or were DOA, will be going back for warranty replacement/repair and will be sold when I get it back.

I’m done with this amateur produced garbage Tablo crap!
I’ll spend the money to get a ‘real’ system that doesn’t totally suck!

I have too much invested in my home theater system to be dealing with this type of “not ready for prime time” junk … at ‘any’ price.

So, if anybody is looking for one of these junk DVR’s PM me and when I get my replacement/fixed Tablo 4, you can have it for $225 delivered!

Why would someone buy your broken Tablos?

Guess you’ll be one of those eBay’ers who rip ppl off.

Because it will be a replacement or fixed by the factory … just as I have already disclosed in my post offering it for sale.
Guess you’re one of those retards that can’t read … ???

If it’s fixed and working as intended, only a retard would sell it.

You can never have too many tuners - 16 is a nice number.

You still don’t get it.
Read the following very slowly …

I ‘had’ 3 that were defective …
They went back and were each replaced …
This is number 4 …
It will go back and get replaced or repaired …
When I get the replacement back it will be sold …
After 4 of them I don’t want to be surprised anymore by it having disconnecting problems (not recording) or messing up a live program.

Maybe if you have an adult (or your nurse/guardian) explain it to you …
But I seriously doubt even ‘that’ would do any good.

IOW: Go away kid … ya bother me … LOL

I don’t understand, can you dumb it down some more?

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@Truth We’re happy tot take a look and check it out on our end. Please feel free to PM me the MAC address of your Tablo and I’ll take a look today! In the meantime, let’s respect and be nice to each other.


Nope … that’s about as “theuser86” as I can go! :wink:

This coming from the guy / girl who thinks --> 4’th <-- is a word in the English language


I’ll do that and thanks for the offer.

No problems being nice, but not when I’m called a scammer by a person that either didn’t or can’t read what I posted … :slight_smile:

Info sent.

Thanks again …

Are you the rapper Da’ T.R.U.T.H.? If so, I’m trying to figure out what rhythm, rhyme, beat or patterns some of your earlier posts are. Might make an epic song.

That is much TOO much punctuation for an artist/band name.:joy:

I didn’t want to make a rapper mad by confusing him with someone else.

Emanuel Lee Lambert, Jr. (born December 15, 1977) is a Christian rapper who goes by the stage name Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Not to be confused with Muslim artist Imran “Da Truth” Khan.

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No, although I am a musician … I’m from an entirely (and sometimes crotchety) generation.
But I like Fiddy enough to take theuser86 to the candy shop … :wink:

You are way to young to be crotchety. Even old people like me are into all forms of tech. And many of us spent our youth running around with packs of cards that contained nothing but the ace of spades(the death card). Spreading joy to those we dislike.

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Well i’m old enough to have done a 6 year hitch under JUSMAG serving as an advisor with the 1131st SAS messing about in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, out of a training logistics detachment/FOP near the border close to Vientiane … spreading “joy” to anyone that moved along a certain trail titled after a some dude named Ho Chi … :wink:

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