Must reboot firestick if switching from a streaming app

Every time I switch from watching a streaming app (Netflix, YouTube, etc) to the Tablo I must reboot my firestick. Otherwise I just get a black screen with the rotating circle endlessly. This is the latest Tablo and latest firestick. TV is Samsun smart TV. Connection is WiFi (T-Mobile home internet).

Hello, @mjw72.

This might be happening if you didn’t properly exit the Tablo app before using your next one. (Pressing the back button multiple times until it asks to exit or cancel.)

A little thing that’s worked for me on Android and FireOS when I get that constant circle, is to press the “back” button. For some reason, there are times when it get caught in a loop, seeking your Tablo.

If this still doesn’t help, you can always go to Settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications. Sometimes a simple force quit will work and you can relaunch without a hitch, other times a cache or data clear is necessary. Since there isn’t any “real” data stored for that app (no login, etc) you’ll be fine. You might get the listing of Tablos, but after clicking which one you want to use, you’re back in.

Just remember that since you’re clearing cache/data, your guide might take a little bit longer to show since it’s rewriting that information.

Hope this works!

BTW, great description of what was going on!

Thanks, that first suggestion seems to have worked.

Awesome! Thanks for coming back to let us know!