Multiple Tablos recordings view issue


2 Tablo 4-tuner OG units on same network, both with firmware v2.2.40.
Let’s name them daddy, and mommy. :slight_smile:
Using a Roku Ultra (2018) OS v10.5.

Switching from Tablo daddy to mommy, and vice versa, causes the Recordings view to change to whatever it was in the other Tablo.
This switching from one Tablo to the other is performed via the Roku Tablo app, by the way.
Doesn’t matter which Tablo we start with, the other Tablo’s Recordings view will set itself to whatever the switched from Tablo’s Recording view is.

I set my Tablo Recordings view to All.
My wife’s Tablo was set to Recent.
I switch to my wife’s Tablo, and her Recording view now matches mine… All.
She changes her’s back to Recent, and now my Recording view is Recent.

That makes sense. That would be a client setting, not a device setting. It is also why a setting change like that on one Roku will have no effect on a PC or another TV’s Roku.

That is what the roku app does. Does it make sense no. For the last 5-6 years it hasn’t been worth arguing that users with multiple units where the app knows the unit name and IP it can only remember one last location.

But I’m sure there other tablo apps just as messed up if not more.