Multiple Tablos issue

I have a Tablo at a vacation home as well as my primary residence. I was able to set it up at my vacation home, but how do I get my Tablo app to show it. Whenever I go back into the app, it only goes to the primary residence one.

I think you just choose disconnect in the settings page in your browser.

@philsoft is correct. If using the web app on a computer/tablet/phone, just go to settings -> disconnect, and it will show all the Tablos.

That worked! Thanks to both of you. Only issue now is giving the two Tablos unique names. Is there something in the app for that or on the website?

Sure. Just go to Settings. You can change the name under the General section.

@horizonjob - Bingo. Extra internet bonus points if you name it something cool.

Excellent. Thanks.

I suppose you mean something other than Tablo1 and Tablo2 like I do ??


Yes @cthompgh!

We get a huge kick when we see a fun name on the back-end server.

There are several users who’ve chosen to disparage their former cable/satellite providers which got some laughs.