Multiple Tablo's and Plex

So I have got plex started and am ripping my recordings so my plex server. I also have people who keep getting disconnected from the remote connection, so I added the Tablo Channel. Right now I have a 2-Tuner Tablo. But with people wanting to watch live TV and such I am thinking of getting a 4-Tuner also. Has anyone notice a problem having 2 Tablos on the same network? Will Plex be able to see both Tablo’s? Or since a couple people will be streaming through the Plex app does it not use a tuner to do the live stream? I am thinking of using the 2-Tuner for recording and such and the 4-Tuner for the live streaming.

Any other advice or tips or anything?


Does anyone have 2 tablo’s running on Plex? That is my main thing. Being able to see both tablo’s on Plex.