Multiple streaming to TV

So… Thinking about buying a Tablo but have a dumb question but can’t find the answer. I have 2 TV’s a Projector. When I plug up the TABLO… Can I stream one love channel to one tv and another love channel to another. How would I do that if I’m streaming from the app… It looks like I select a stream and then I connect one device to stream to.

What is a love channel? Tablo does not connect directly to a TV. It is a whole house DVR. It requires a Nexus Player, Roku, FireTV, other Set top box for EACH TV. You can watch one channel on one TV and either the same channel or different channel on the other TV.

Lol… Sorry! Live channel! Yep! I have two Apple tvs sis he can watch ABC on one tv and I can watch fox on the other?

You can either watch ABC on both, which only uses one tuner or ABC on one and FOX on another, which will use two tuners. Keep in mind to generate thumbnails for FF. an unused tuner is needed, so I recommend the 4 tuner version and a 5 TB usb hard drive. You each can watch any recording on the Tablo at the same time, which I don’t think uses a tuner, unless you are watching remotely.