Multiple sets of guide data

I have been having major issues with the channel scans/add to guide freezing the Tablo. This resulted seemingly in multiple sets of guide data for many shows, some sets that are corrupted. Is there any way to completely clean out the guide data, and then resync it so that the recordings actually record based on the correct guide data instead of being set to the corrupted sets?

Try a factory reset, mate. That will start it over like it was fresh out of the box.

Yeah that would start over, including with all of the recordings that are on there. You have a tool that can magically make recordings viable with a new reset of the tablo unit?

That’s a pretty poor recommendation. Have a problem? Try a reset. This forum is like a comedic episode of the IT Crowd.

Give Tablo support a shout and put in a trouble ticket

You didn’t say anything about recordings, mate. You only talked about the guide data.

Actually the problem distinctly mentions fixing the guide data to satisfy proper scheduled recordings data. The interpolation here is that it’s a DVR unit, there is going to be additional data. A factory reset shouldn’t just be the “goto” answer. Proper investigation, and an understanding of the underlying database structure and I could handle this myself. The problem is that with a closed box and support tickets taking days to weeks for responses, the issue just becomes compounded. I was hoping to illicit some responses from folks who have seen similar issues.

Seems like these forums are mostly a waste of time and I’ll just keep peppering Tablo support with tickets like I’ve been doing…

I love the IT Crowd

Yeah mate, it seems they can’t spell. (illicit vs elicit)

Seriously, you’re going to pick apart the wrong form of a word? Thanks for the troll and the useless input. Glad to see Tablo fosters a well-versed “power user” community as they put it where their “power users” recommend factory resets at every issue.

Steady on mate, I’m no “power user” so don’t slag me with that. I just use the Tablo with the Roku, ipad and sometimes the Chrome programme.

@atyohrling Hey there - sorry that we weren’t to get back to you during our limited holiday hours. The team is here now, and we’re catching up quickly. If you have any outstanding ticket(s) you’ll receive a response shortly.