Multiple Partial Recordings

I’ve just purchased a new Tablo 4th gen. and have been enjoying it very much. Generally I’m very happy with it. I hope the Apple TV app is coming soon, as the app on my Samsung TV is painfully slow. That’s most likely the fault of the TV, though. But that is not the problem I’m posting about.

To test the recording options of the new device I decided to record the series Orphan Black. I’m happy to say the entire series got recorded. However, in the 1st season I have multiple, partial recordings of some of the eps. For example, the first ep in the series is 4 partial recordings, none of which is the full ep.

After doing a search I see some old posts from a few years ago about the same issue, but nothing recent. I’ve deleted all the partial 1st ep recordings to see if the device will now record a full ep 1. While I wait is there anything I can do about this?


Are you recording these from streaming channels or local stations?

A streaming channel. Stories by AMC.

Welcome to the gen 4 world of FAST recordings. Make sure to add up the segment sizes to make sure you really have a complete episode.

I was looking at this more closely last night and decided to dump all the recordings, delete the season pass and try it again. What I noticed was that even though I had “no duplicates” selected, the Tablo was, apparently, still recording the duplicates of the episodes, even though one had already been recorded. I don’t know how that ended up with multiple partial recordings, but perhaps something to look into?

The gen 4 will select a “duplicate” episode to record if it thinks the original recording wasn’t successful. Of course if you are recording a FAST movie it might have 4+ showings in a month. And if you don’t pay close attention you end up with lots of segments of the same movie. None of them are complete.

I am having the same problem I noticed that if I only record it from over the air channels I did not have a problem.

I went in and manually selected a few episodes to record. I did not set up a season pass, just selected individual eps to record. I still got multiple, partial recordings. My only conclusion is that recording from a FAST channel is broken. How did this product get released with such a sever bug? This bug makes the product almost useless. I’m considering returning it. I certainly cannot recommend this product to anyone with this bug.

I’m gonna retract that last statement.