Multiple Issues

If I were not at home my wife would not be able to operate the Tablo after a couple of days. Twice since yesterday I walk in and the thing has locked up on her. But it happens very frequently to both of us. I have a 2 tuner Tablo and 2 Roku 3s and 2 Roku sticks.

  1. No Tablo found. Back out of the app and it comes back or worse have to reset it which can be a nightmare.

  2. I touched the hdmi cable from the HD to make sure it was in good. Tablo Locked up. Eventually had to move to the other HDMI slot.

  3. Weak signal, after resetting it is fine.

  4. If I reboot my router or do anything with my router the Tablo is gone.

  5. Locks up when rewinding from live tv when it gets back to the live part. After randomly pushing forward, back, play it will start.

  6. Most of the time I end up deleting the Roku because a reset or updating Wifi does not work.

  7. Whenever I lose the Tablo for whatever reason and I try to reconnect it tells me to find the Tablo in my network settings, I use an Ipad air. Sometimes its there sometimes its not. Then even when it is there and I connect to it and go back to the Tablo app it tells me that it is allready registered or something like that and to go into the edit wifi screen. Well it how can it be connected when it just told me it wasnt connected. Sometimes after that I will be able to select a network other times I have to do it all again and hope I get lucky and everything goes right.

  8. On my third hard drive. I finally found the recommendations for hard drives. This should be in big red letters on a piece of paper when you open the box. I still have the same issues with the recommended drive.

  9. I did not initially purchase the subscription. The day it was removed the Tablo totally quit working and I had to do the tedious reset game. I am sure it as due to the changes Tablo made to my subscription.

Very hit or miss with reliability and ease of troubleshooting. You will have to have patience and have some troubleshooting ability. Very annoying and not for the masses yet. Tablos tech support would be overwhelmed. If it werent for the DVR ability I would ditch this. The cute responses from Tech support on here are not fixing the issues. My Tablo continues to get worse as time goes by. I purchased it in June 2014.

Not sure why I don’t have any formatting in the above. Everything was spaced and numbered.

Have you submitted a ticket to tech support?    Once they have your Tablo info, they look at your specific box for problems.

I am sorry you have such a rough time with your device.  Hopefully they can help.

I had a bad Tablo, got it RMA’d and my new one works great.  Bad things do happen…

@markfran6060 We haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks - I had no idea you were still having these issues, and I’m really sorry to hear that the experience has been so negative.

Can we set up a remote session to log in and check out your Tablo ASAP? We’ll get to the bottom of this and get things working for you. I’ve sent instructions for remote access to your email.