Multiple instance of Tablo Windows App

I have started using the Windows Tablo app on Windows 10 but it seems I cannot open multiple occurrences at once, I often open 2+ webapp instances of Tablo so I could watch multiple channels at once. Is there a way to achieve this picture in picture style viewing using the Windows Tablo app?

It appears that you can’t do it in the app. But the web app in the browser will still work for quite a while, so just use that.

Great tip - I used the pop-outs to shows the video from both tabs in Firefox!
But could use some improvements…

  1. Audio plays for both tabs , added the SoundFixer firefox addon to add a volume control t each tab ( see the control near the tabs in the pic below) Found out than when I muted the volume the video stopped playing, unmuted and it resumed. Probably when the audio steam when muted also paused the video stream. Tablo, can we get a volume control/mute function in the web app to do this properly?

  2. I thought I could enable the closed captions so I could follow the video if muted, the CC does not appeat in the pop-outs. Tablo, why not?

  3. Would be nice to add a floating/disappearing control for all this , since its a bit awkward to set this all up and use this ,

I tried multiple Chrome, Firefox, and Edge tabs at the same time running the Tablo app, and closed captioning worked on all them. I was able to toggle them on and off just fine.


Did you try the CCs in a pop-out window like in my this pic?

CCs worked fine when the video was playing in a tab.

I was using just tabs.

that popout (picture in picture) is just a media only (non Tablo) thing from a browser. AFAIK.

You’re right!

Just tried this out with a youtube video and CCs were not shown.

Sounds like too many disconnected pieces that don’t work in harmony with one another.

It your be a nice tablo feature to have a picture-in-picture (Picture-in-picture - Wikipedia) display that is usable. Close yet , too far to be usable.

Perhaps Tablo can take this on as a new feature request and make it work on all devices?

Any votes on that?

I have my “app” on my PC bring up Chome in app mode to tablo (gets rid of browser fluff). And then you can just bring up multiple tablo’s playing if you want multiple tinier windows watching tablo content.

Maybe an option.