Multiple Device access

Brand new 4-Tuner Tablo, Firmware 2.2.10. Trying to access TV from an iPad and an AppleTV 4 at the same time stops the other stream.

iPad Pro 12.9 on the latest iOS and updated Tablo app
AppleTV 4 on the latest iOS and latest Tablo app

It work on either fine, but trying both shuts down the other stream.

Tablo is on gigabit ethernet as is the AppleTV 4, iPad is connecting via an 801.11ac access point, so bandwidth is not an issue.

Since I have 3 AppleTV 4s and 4 iPads in the house as well as multiple computers, this is an issue to me. At the least I need to simultaneous streams, but preferably four out of the six advertised.

Do you have a HDD connected to your Tablo?

To use more than one tuner at a time, it needs the HDD.

I do, but it’s not recognized. I’ll order a new one.

Thanks for the quick response.

What hard drive are you using to use?

I ordered a 1TB Elements.

The one I tried to use was an internal 2.5in drive in a 3rd party case. I think the drive was a Toshiba, but I don’t remember. My other portables are (3) WD My Passports, a Seagate in a Thunderbolt enclosure and another 256GB SSD in a 3rd party enclosure.

My full size drives are all Thunderbolt RAID Arrays (12TB, 16TB and 24TB), so not compatible with Tablo. You figure with all the computer equipment I have around that I would have a compatible drive, but nope.

No big deal.

I use an internal 3.5" WD 1 TB HDD with an external USB HDD enclosure and the Tablo works great with it. My enclosure: