Multiple delete of recordings

Multiple delete of recodings with a check box or delete all check box.

What playback device? Delete all exists on many devices.

I have an older quad four. My recordings are on an external hard drive. I don’t have any delete all on my device.

Yes but what device are you using to access the Tablo? A Roku, iPhone, a computer?

Currently you can delete one, or all,or failed, or watched.
What more makes sence?
I don’t really see the need.

Here’s an example of why this feature would be useful…
The Big Bang Theory is now in syndication and airs several times a day. The early evening episodes are from Season 1 whereas the late night episodes are from Season 4.

Because Big Bang Theory is out-of-production, none of the episodes are “New”. So to record this program I have to use the “Record All” setting.

I’m not interested in the Season 1 episodes and have not watched them. The only way to delete these episodes is one-at-a-time.
Being able to delete a whole season in one shot would be useful for me.

You may want to look into either Tablo Tools or Tablo Ripper in the 3rd party apps section. Either will let you do multiple deletes. I realize that this is a work a round and not a fix. Also don’t know if either is available on operating systems other than Windows…

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SurLaTablo, which is cross OS (but relies on python 2 today) can do pattern deletes.