Multiple copies of records

so in the last week my Tablo Duo using internal hard drive started creating 4 copies of everything it records, none of them are playable. I’ve tried resetting (with the little blue button) and power cycling it. has any one else experienced this and did you find a solution?

@bilzabub Sorry you’re running into this.

When you select the recordings, does it say that the recording failed? Or are the recordings shorter than they should be? (i.e. a few minutes whereas it should be a half hour or hour long show?)

In general, this points at an issue with your antenna setup so double check the connections, that your antenna hasn’t moved, and run a fresh channel scan to ensure you’ve got the latest signal strength info.

I can’t tell record length since they won’t play, I know the antenna hasn’t moved as its in my attic and the Tablo shows signal strength at 5 bars.

That strength is not real-time, it’s at the time of the last scan. Have you done a fresh scan?

Many apps will show the length of the recording if you select it to show additional info. This is from the Windows 10 app:

A failed recording should also be marked.

So check for those signs…

If neither show up, I would suggest trying to play those recordings in a different app to start and if that doesn’t do the trick, drop a note to support so we can take a closer look:

Ok, so reset, rescanned. A manual record works perfect for an hour long program started at the beginning of the show, I set a scheduled record on the same channel and I get exactly 4 recordings, one at 2 minutes, one at 7 minutes, one at 1 minute, and another at 1 minute.

When was a Duo release capable of using an internal drive? vs fixed onboard storage.

Just the fixed onboard storage

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