Multiple 4th Gens on one network = guide issues?

Is anyone having issues with the guide behavior of the 4th gen Tablo when switching between devices? If I don’t have the channels as exact duplicates of each other, my live guide has a few odd quirks. Mostly, while scrolling through the guide, it shows grey bars where the other device’s channels would be (FAST or OTA). It seems a big crazy that I have to have both systems’ saved channels the exact same in order to make sense of the EPG.
When the guide does show the unvailable channels, the only fix I’ve discovered is to fully close the app (backing all the way out usually works, but sometimes I have to force quit it) and open it again. And if I change back to the other Tablo, I have to repeat the process to see its guide. This is the same whether on FireStick, GoogleTV, AndroidTV, FireStickTV or Roku.
It’s a slow, annoying workaround, but it works. For now, I’ve given up and have all but 4 channels saved on both devices. I don’t need over 20 of them, but it’s tiring to re-delete them when I have to scan every day or two to try and fix other issues.
Just hoping someone has found an easier way to keep the guide current for whichever device I’m watching.

Edit: @TabloEngineering … Over the past couple of days I have discovered another issue with using multiple Tablos on one network. There does not seem to be a way to separate favorites from one device to the next. I have set up favorites on only one 2-tuner, but if I go to favorites, the same channels show up no matter which Tablo I connect to.

It appears that there is no direct way for the Tablo app to delineate between which device has which channels saved or listed as favorites.

I know there are much deeper issues to work on RN (Roku/AppleTV), but this might be something to make note of so that users will want to buy more than one of your DVRs.