Multi - item delete

I have been thinking about what I feel is missing from your service. Please don’t misunderstand, I love Tablo, but of course we always want new benefits from our services, right?

I would like to see a multiple delete option. Something where you can select items with check boxes or the like. What are the chances we may get something like that?

Great idea - This feature has already been requested. Now the new Roku UI is out and the Fire TV app is out, I hope this gets done soon. Only time will tell.

That’s DEFINITELY on the schedule.

It’s already in the server side of things, we just need to add it to the UIs.

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Yeah, this would be a big one. And please don’t forget when you do this, a related feature would be awesome: “keep top X items of a series.” For example, I like to have a few law and order episodes available when there’s nothing to watch. But I don’t need 86 on my hard drive (as I had the other day, and am having to delete 1 by 1).


I saw a preview of the multiple delete … I’m not impressed. Table is making this too hard … you have to have a way to manage the recordings as in " keep at most " # of episodes. when you have more than one viewer in the home who watch thesame shows at different times it is the only way it can work. Ex) I only want to keep 2 episodes of the evening news. I KEEP AT MOST 2 EPISODES! It’s now manged and I don’t have to delete anything. Certain showes you keep 5 or 10 that way everyone can watch their shows and they delete the oldest.

KEEP AT MOST would simplify the management of shows … I’ve had dvr’s for over 10 years trust me on this.

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Until they add it, the multiple delete feature works great. It is definitely better than deleting one by one.

I have 3 teens and a wife …so I can’t delete all the “viewed” shows … or delete them all because we all view the same shows at different times. They would be viewed by the time the 10th epidose recorded. Seems like Table works great for 1 user.

Table is setting on a gold mine and they are moving too slow …

Yes, multiple users for the Tablo would be great so it would only shows you watched.

But when they release the larger than 2 TB drive support (supposed to be soon), you can get a 5 TB drive and solve all your problems with 1 wife and 3 kids.

Buying a bigger hard drive or a 2nd Tablo is not the answer. The glaring problem with Tablo is managing the recordings. There are few options. BTW do you work for Tablo? just curious

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Lol no. But I agree there needs to be more recording options, however the multi-delete feature is a step forward in the right direction.

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We do plan to add ‘keep x’ recordings as an option. This is a good first step for most users.