Multi delete? REALLY needed

I have been using my Tablo for almost a year and I absolutely love it. When traveling international I’m able to watch local TV. Also the quality of the streaming and excellent program guide with a quad tuner make this product outstanding but one thing that drives me crazy, ok I’m being a bit over dramatic, is I record a series and then decide not to keep them and it’s a HUGE pain to delete one show at a time . My wife records a lot of short cooking shows and she browses through the topics and only watches a few of them and there are dozens left to delete. With a quad tuner and 2 tb drive this quickly borders ridiculous on deleting shows…please release an update. Any update on a time for this. Thanks

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Make her delete them lol

It will be released, just wait.

I’m running the current beta on Roku and AFTER the multi-delete is FINALLY ADDED, I will recommend TABLO to others. Being able to copy shows to computer or disk is needed, but the Multi delete is needed FIRST. @theuser86 my recommending Tablo to others will come - just wait. The EPG loads the way it should have, now the only thing really missing is multi delete.

This is one of our main priorities guys! It’s already in the back end, we just need to add it to the UIs.

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